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Speaker cables data sheet

Speaker cables data sheet

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Speaker cables data sheet




Dual Connect DC-I50 and DC-I100 Signal Cables are precious metal conductor stereo signal cable pairs that combine solid gold wires in a dual configuration (“Dual Connect”) within a thin tubing of PTFE (Teflon®) insulation to optimize linearity for audio frequency signals.

Close-upThis design provides superior sonic performance and preserves the valuable quality unchanged for years due to very high resistance to moisture, heat, UV-light, air pollution and aggressive chemicals.

The capacitance between adjacent wires is very low.

These unique features make Dual Connect DC-I50 and DC-I100 Signal Cables an excellent choice for the most demanding applications for domestic and professional balanced and unbalanced audio signal distribution.

Dual Connect Signal Cables are supplied in lengths of balanced 0.5 meters (DC-I50) and balanced/non-balanced 1 meter (DC-I100) fitted with gold plated precision connectors.

DC-I100/RCA (length 1.0m) are fitted with RCA plugs for unbalanced signals while DC-I50/XLR (length 0.5m) and DC-I100/XLR (length 1.0m) use XLR connectors for balanced signals.

Dual Connect Signal Cables are also available in DIY versions without connectors as DC-DIYsig2x50 (2-way, 0.5m),  DC-DIYsig2x100 (2-way, 1.0m), DC-DIYsig3x50 (3-way, 0.5m) and DC-DIYsig3x100 (3-way, 1.0m).

  “Dual-Connect” design with solid gold conductors in
         dual configuration
  Flexible and transparent 2-way/3-way signal cable
  Very low wire capacitance with only 15pF/meter
  Materials selected to ensure very high durability
  All non-magnetic materials with very linear performance
  Precision gold plated RCA/XLR plugs
  PTFE insulation with low dissipation factor of 0.0002
  Gold plated contacts avoid performance degradation over time

Typical applications
  Superior-sonic-performance balanced/
         unbalanced signal   cable
  Very low capacitance signal cable
  Very high quality professional sound systems
  Demanding automotive and marine applications
  Cables resistant to heat, UV-light and chemicals
  Reference signal cable with very high durability

Dual Connect Interconnects ORDERING INFORMATION (prices here)

Part number


Connector type



Stereo 3-way signal cable pair


0.5m (1.6 ft.)


Stereo 3-way signal cable pair


1.0m (3.3 ft.)